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Every year we observe mahalayam a ritual we observe for 15 days before
the festival Navaratri .

We here by know the importance of mahalayam and some important rules
to observe the same .


Mahalayam means a place of large gathering. Our pitrus come to earth to
stay more free here for these 16 days to do good to their progeny. It is our duty to do sraddham, Hiranya sraddham or at least tarpanam.

There are two types of observing mahalayam: Paksha mahalayam for observing
everyday of the entire mahalaya paksham (15 sraddhams);

Sakrun mahalayam- one day sraddham or tarpanam.

We should perfom inaddition Mahalaya Amavasyai sraddham
or tarpanam.


1. If a pitru sraddham falls within mahalayam, then
mahalayam (sraddham) can be observed only after performing the pitru
sraddham. Mahalayam can be performed on the next day after the pitru

2. sakrun mahalam (one day), should not be observed on Fridays, prathamai, sashti, chaturdasi, ekadasi tithis, Revati, makam, nakshatrams, self janma
nakshatram, patni janma nakshatram or son's janam nakshatram days .

3. For some reason, if mahalayam can not be observed in bhadrapada krishna
paksham, there is time up to thula masam.


1. For paksha mahalayam, the above days of tithi, vara and nakshatra dosha
restrictions do not apply.

2. For sakrun mahalayam, Certain days in this period are considered
important: For example the day with bharani is called mahabharani;
Krishna paksha ashtami called madhyashtami; navami called vyatipadam;
Thrayodasi called Gajachaayai.

In these days mahabharani, madhyashtami, vytipadam or gajachayai,one
should not be concerned about restricted vara, nakshatram or tithis dosham
as above under restrictions.

sakrun mahalaya sraddham can be observed from Panchami days, on Panchami,
saptami, ashtami, navami, dasami,dwadasi, thrayodasi and also pita tithi excluding pitru sraddham day within mahalayam.