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Divine Discourse - sri sai

You do not lose much if a finger is so damaged that it needs to be cut off.

The body can still function and be a fit instrument.

Even if you lose a limb, you can function and benefit with the help of your faculties.

But if you lose character, then everything is lost.

Do not allow laziness, hatred or anger to contaminate your hearts.

The world looks forward to your leadership in establishing and ensuring peace.

Practice calmness and the habit of deliberation.

If anyone blames, abuses or hurts you, do not retaliate with the same.

Behave nobly and with patience.
- sri sai

Divine discourse - sri sai baba

Look at Me within you.

I look at Myself in you.

You are My life, My breath and My soul.

You are all, everyone of you,

When I love you, I love My own self.

When you love yourselves,

you are loving Me.
- sri sai