It costs approximately 38 Trillion dollars to create OXYGEN for 6 months for all Human beings on earth. "TREES DO IT FOR FREE" "Respect them and Save them" "SAVE TREES SAVE EARTH"


divine discourse - sri sai baba

Though axed and maimed by man, trees selflessly serve him by providing him fruits and shade. Rivers carry water to quench man's thirst and to cleanse his body. The cow also selflessly serves man by providing milk. Man should, in the first place, realize the truth that he has been endowed with the human body not for seeking his selfish ends but for serving others. Since man has gained his wealth, knowledge and skills from society, he has to discharge his debt to society by doing some good in return. A man without this supreme virtue of gratitude is worse than a cruel animal; his education and skills are a sheer waste. It is indeed by serving society that these acquire splendour and significance .